best online business ideas
best online business ideas

Best Online Business Ideas? Here Are The 7+ Profitable Ideas

4. Become a Virtual Assistant

Thanks to the internet and various online business opportunities that can be run from home or from anywhere, it’s not just you who are interested in trying it.

Now, those who have built and run online businesses also need the presence of assistants who will help them move and organize their daily tasks. This is where the profession as a virtual assistant (VA) becomes a more efficient solution.

Much like an assistant in general, a VA will perform tasks such as scheduling trips or appointments, receiving and replying to incoming emails, to managing social media and editing content.

Usually, the VA will be paid by the hour and often the VA service users are foreigners. So, it will be more profitable if you also master a foreign language, such as English!

5. Writing eBook

Blogging is not the only way to earn money online by writing, you know! Another way you can try is to write an eBook by publishing your own writing and selling it online.

Well, if you also have a blog, you can do both at the same time.

So, with a blog you can get attention and target audience through certain topics that are written regularly, and you can network your blog’s audience to promote your eBook.

6. Offer Online Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is vital for any business, even small businesses. For small businesses, it is usually difficult for them to do their own bookkeeping because there are no human resources who have expertise in this field.

Well, you can offer your ability to do bookkeeping, wherever you and your clients are. In fact, you can run this business without having to be an accountant, you know!

7. Become a Copy Writer

One more way to start an online business that you can do if you like writing. By becoming a freelance writer or freelance writer, you can get clients from various cities or even countries and write articles aimed at filling their website or blog.

Income for freelance writers is usually determined on the basis of the number of words per post, the number of posts made, or by the overall writing project.

Becoming a freelance writer is incredibly easy and flexible, especially if you don’t want to be tied down with the office.

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