cara menjadi reseller
cara menjadi reseller

How to Become a Successful Reseller Without Spending Money

Hello everyone, here I will share a tutorial on how to become a reseller.

For those of you who want to become a reseller but don’t know what a reseller is, a reseller is a term for those of you who want to resell other people’s products without having to register as a member for the reseller products that you are selling. If you are told to pay so that you can sell the seller’s product, I suggest looking for another supplier because it will only hurt yourself. When you want to sell a product, you have to pay first, right?

As a reseller, you don’t have to have stock on hand. If you want to buy the product first as a test, it’s okay because we also need to see the quality of the goods we will sell so that consumers won’t be disappointed when buying your goods.

Okay then, now I will give you successful tips on how to become a reseller which is very easy to implement.

Easy Ways to Become a Successful Reseller Without Money [PROVED]

Before doing this, remember the main tenet of an entrepreneur: “COMMITMENT and CONSISTENT”. If you want to be successful you can’t be half-assed to reach your goals. You also need to learn many things, from reading tips and tricks, references, to video tutorials from online dropshipping businesses or resellers.

Well, I assume that you really hold that principle. Let’s move on to the first step on how to become a reseller without capital at all!

1. Product Research

The first tip I will give so that you become a successful reseller is that you have to be smart and smart in choosing what products are easy to sell. Don’t choose a product that is not in high demand / buyer, because you will need capital to carry out promotions or advertisements. So I suggest using advertising if you already have enough profit for it.

product research

Then how do you research the right product?

  1. Use Google Trends, enter keywords or keywords for the products you are selling.
  2. Product research in marketplaces such as, Flipkart, Ebay, Amazon, etc.
  3. Research keywords on Google and enter these keywords in your product title later.
  4. Always pay attention to advertisements that appear on Youtube, Google, or the Website.
  5. Pay attention to reviews of the products you are selling.
  6. If you don’t want to be complicated, use paid tools to research winning products.

2. Find Trusted, Professional, and Mutually Beneficial Supplier

I assume you already have a product that you are going to sell, this is the time for you to find a reliable, professional and mutually beneficial supplier.

First of all, the way I recommend to become a successful reseller of products that will be sold in the market is to find suppliers with the highest rating and have good reviews. We must avoid the possibility of poor quality goods and slow respond from suppliers.

If you have found a supplier with these criteria, try asking if he has a large stock of products? If not, then continue looking for other suppliers that have a lot of product stock availability. This needs to be asked to avoid the possibility of empty or out of stock when you sell his product.

The next way, try asking if it is okay to ask for a sample of the product? If not, ask for a discounted price for a sample of that product.

Don’t forget to ask about the product return policy in case things go wrong when the product reaches the buyer.

Finally, ask for personal contact so that it is easy to contact when there is an order from a buyer.

3. Determine Competitive Selling Prices

The important thing that needs to be taken into account when you become a reseller, you have to determine a competitive selling price without having to have a price war with other sellers.

This is because you have to calculate correctly the difference between the buying and selling prices, minus other costs such as transfers. So you still get profit even at competitive selling prices.

How to determine the selling price of products for resellers to become abundant profit:

a. Determine Sales Target

The sales target here is meant by the targets that you must achieve within a certain period of time, which we will use as a reference and motivation in selling your products later.

Suppose your product is a t-shirt, then you target 60 of your t-shirts for one month.

If the average means 60 shirts divided by 30 days, then you have to sell 2 shirts per day so that your sales target is achieved that month.

b. Calculate Operational Costs

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In this case, a reseller also needs to take into account all operational costs. For example: internet quota, promotional fees (if any), bank transfers, SMS, telephone and others.

Avoid adding personal operational costs, because it will affect your selling price later.

I will give an example of calculating operational costs, for example, for a month you pay for an internet quota of 7.500 Rupees, then a bank transfer fee of 600 Rupees times 30 days, which is 18.000 Rupees, so your total operational costs for one month are 25.500 Rupees.

So if we take the average in a day the operational costs that you spend are 850 Rupees, so each product you sell must be added to 850 Rupees.

c. Determine Profit

Okay, now we will talk about profit. We take an example if within 1 year you have a target to be able to set up an offline store or build an online store website. Where to achieve this target, you have to set aside money from the profit or profit that you get.

Typically, a reseller will determine a profit of at least 20 to 50 percent. But it is possible that you can also determine a profit of more than 50 percent, depending on market competitiveness.

In determining the amount of profit, you need to pay attention to the price set by competitors who have previously sold the same product as you.

You can do research on several marketplaces or online Flipkart that have websites.

Don’t let you set a selling price that is much more expensive than your competitors who sell products similar to what you sell.

In addition, you also have to be able to see the purchasing power of the market in the niche you are in. For example, the target consumers of the products you sell are people between the ages of 13 and 26, then you can set a profit of 20 to 30 percent.


Because at that age there are usually those who do not have a job or are still studying. Their financial condition will certainly be different from those who already have jobs and regular income.

Therefore, do not set your profits too high.

d. The formula for Determining the Selling Price of Reseller Products

Okay, I assume that you already understand the points above. Now we will use the formula to determine the selling price.

Selling Price = Buying Price + Operational + Profit

As an example to determine the selling price, I will illustrate as follows.

I visited the Shopee marketplace, there I found a plain t-shirt product at a price of IDR 25,000. After I will determine the sales target for one month, let’s say that this product has to sell 30 t-shirts. Then the calculation of operational costs will be like this:

  1. Biaya kuota internet = Rp 75.000
  2. Biaya transfer bank = Rp 6.000 x 30 jadi Rp 180.000
  3. Biaya kuota + transfer bank dibagi 30 hari = Rp 255.000 / 30 hari ==> Rp 8.500

Lalu saya ingin mentarget usia konsumen saya mulai dari umu 18 – 24 tahun maka saya akan menentukan laba sebesar 30 persen dari harga beli dimana 30% dikali Rp 25.000 adalah Rp 7.500.

Sekarang hitung-hitungannya :

Harga Jual = Rp 25.000 + Rp 8.500 + Rp 7.500

Harga jual = Rp 41.000 per kaos

Untuk menentukan harga jual sebuah produk, seorang reseller juga perlu memperhatikan angka permintaan pasar dan penawaran atau bahasa inggrisnya sering disebut supply and demand.

Bila suatu saat terjadi permintaan yang banyak, sedangkan ketersediaan produk sedikit atau langka maka kamu dapat menaikkan harga dari lebih tinggi dari perhitungan kita diatas.

Tapi sebagai reseller kita tidak boleh hanya asal-asalan markup harga jual produk, karena hal tersebut akan menentukan keberlangsungan penjualan produk milikmu.

4. Manfaatkan Penggunaan Sosial Media sebagai Sarana Pemasaran

Saat kamu memulai menjadi reseller, kamu harus mencari cara untuk memasarkan produkmu agar lebih mudah terjangkau oleh banyak konsumen.

Salah satu sarana pemasaran terbaik saat ini adalah sosial media. Kamu harus mulai membangun brand image bisnis onlinemu agar dikemudian hari saat bisnis resellermu mulai berkembang, kamu sudah memiliki audience tetap.

Kamu dapat menggunakan tools-tools gratis hingga berbayar untuk melakukan managemen sosial mediamu, seperti :

5. Selalu Siap Melayani Calon Pembeli Harus Diterapkan

Seorang reseller harus siap, cepat, dan tanggap menjawab pertanyaan calon pembeli. Sebaik mungkin luangkan waktu untuk menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan tersebut dan membantu juga agar pembeli dapat mudah melakukan pemesanan, pembayaran, hingga pengiriman barang.

6. Selalu Terapkan Prinsip Disiplin dan Konsisten dalam Pemasaran

Memasarkan produk hanya akan menghasilkan keuntungan jika kamu melakukannya dengan disiplin dan konsistensi yang tinggi. Selalu unggah produk terbaru setiap hari. Selalu upayakan memberi diskon sesuai keputusan pemasaran untuk membuat toko kamu digemari calon pembeli.

7. Selektif dalam Memilih Mana Produk yang Ingin Dijual

Terakhir, kamu harus tahu mana produk yang ingin dijual. Jika kamu sudah memutuskan untuk menjadi reseller bisnis kaos distro misalnya, maka hanya pilih kaos distro dengan desain tertentu yang menurut kamu menarik untuk pembeli. Jangan semua kamu pasarkan karena akan menghabiskan banyak waktu dan kuota juga.

Demikianlah tadi penjelasan lengkap mengenai apa saja 7 cara menjadi reseller sukses yang terbukti aktif dan mampu menghasilkan keuntungan. Kamu sebaiknya tidak ragu lagi sekarang, jka memang sudah berencana menjadi reseller. Lakukan berbagai cara di atas untuk membuat kamu tidak salah strategi dan bisnis reseller kamu terus berkembang, menghasilkan keuntungan, hingga kamu bisa memiliki stok sendiri dan toko sendiri. Semoga berhasil!

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