how to write a blog post for seo
how to write a blog post for seo

[Complete Guide] How to Write a Friendly Blog Post for SEO

Finding Low Competition Keyword

Your fourth technique on the best way best to write a blog article for SEO is related keywords. Every website has to do an excellent job in the selection of relevant keywords.

These keywords must be carefully selected for your post, and the related keywords will rank high in the search volume for those keywords. In selecting your relevant keywords, you must take these points into consideration.

Your target keyword must have low competition; your targeted audience should also search using the keyword; and in the end, the keyword must be easy to convert into a link.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Your fifth and final technique on how to write a blog post for SEO is to avoid keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing will not only raise your article length, but you will also wind up writing an article with too many words. Because of this, your blog posts will not get chosen by the search engine bots also. You need to remember that search engines look at how many times the term is repeated within a post.

This means that if your primary keyword is “how-to” and repeat this word fifty times in your article, your post will most likely not make it to the first page of Google.

Thus, it is necessary to write short articles with one to two paragraphs comprising the primary keyword.

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